The spring and summer time is when we get projects completed that we have put off all winter. However, don’t let the cooler air stop you from creating projects all year long. Here’s 52 projects that you can make all year long and then some!

52 DIY Projects to Complete this Year

  1. Refinish a piece of furniture
  2. Check out a local thrift store and purchase a item to upcycle
  3. Spend a day shopping Garage Sales and challenge yourself to repurpose a piece of furniture
  4. Make a scarf out of your old T-shirts
  5. Make boot socks out of old sweaters
  6. Check out your local ReStore (Habitat for Humanity)
  7. Peek in a dumpster – you never know what you may find
  8. Host a Family Game Night
  9. Give your “tired” home decor accessories a face lift
  10. Paint your front door in a fun, new color
  11. Plant a herb garden
  12. Buy a new to you power tool (or several)
  13. Make a birdfeeder
  14. Paint flower pots
  15. Create a memory jar
  16. Make a time capsule
  17. Make a family command center
  18. Repurpose something
  19. Upcycle something
  20. Shop at a flea market
  21. Make your own tablecloth
  22. Give your pet a new bed
  23. Make a Halloween costume
  24. Make a new Spring wreath for your front door
  25. Make a Fall wreath for your front door
  26. Make an Ornament wreath for your front door
  27. Go on a barn pick
  28. Decorate a pumpkin
  29. Make something out of an old tire
  30. Make some new throw pillows
  31. Plant a flower bed
  32. Make an upcycled invention kit
  33. Paint an accent wall
  34. Make something with a pallet
  35. Distress a piece of glass
  36. Make your own wine glasses
  37. Make a lamp
  38. Make your own ombre candles
  39. Make crayon art
  40. Make String Art
  41. Make your own hardware jewelry
  42. Make duct tape crafts
  43. Make your own window clings
  44. Make a chalkboard
  45. Make a thankful tree
  46. Make your own coasters
  47. Use embroidery hoops for a project
  48. Make garden decor, like these DragonFlies
  49. Update a drab bathroom
  50. Make a serving tray out of pallet wood or old cabinet door
  51. Make fabric art
  52. Rust something

Which projects have you completed (or will complete) this year?

Even if you think that you can’t do something you should do them to prove to yourself that YOU CAN in fact complete these projects. For some the fact of that matter of using a power tool stops them, please don’t let it! With a bit of caution and will power you too can use power tools!

Each and everyone of you inspire me and I LOVE to see the work that you’ve created. Feel free to share with me on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook. And as always, be sure to follow Diva Of DIY on Pinterest and sign up for our FREE Newsletter to receive the latest projects delivered straight to your inbox!