Thrift store finds birds after pic 2

Hi! My name is Leanne Lee, Diva of DIY and I’m so glad you are here today! We are going to update those ugly figurines that you find every day at your local thrift store. Sure they may be ugly in the store, but, you can bring them home and for a few pennies update the look and match your decor!

One thing I always find at garage sales and thrift stores are figurines.  Some are porcelain, some are resin, some are glass and some are metal but one thing they all have in common is:


Now…if you are a collector you may want to research whether or not your next figurine find is a “one-of-a-kind” item from the Franklin Mint collection before you go slathering it with paint but 9 times out of 10…you are good to go!

Thrift store finds pic 3

Awe….aren’t these cute? I found these in a thrift shop in Scottsboro, Alabama when I was there this summer for my brother’s wedding {you can read about the Wedding Signs & Table Decorations I created for the wedding} . They were $1.00 each and I brought them home.

DIVA TIP:  When looking for figurines to paint, make sure there are no cracks or chips in the plaster resin.  This will be magnified once they are painted in a solid color.


  • Rustoleum Spray Paint in a Glossy Sheen

Rinse off the figurine with soapy water (I use dish soap) to remove any grease or grime that would prevent the spray paint from adhering. Let Dry.

Spray 2-3 coats light coats of glossy spray paint to the figurine, letting it fully dry between coats. If you go for one heavy coat you will see runs and that’s not what we are looking for!

Thrift store finds birds after pic

I used Rustoleum White Gloss for the large bird and Rustoleum Seaside Blue for the small one.

Just think of all of the possibilities.  Have you inherited some of your parents or grandparents knick-knacks that you don’t know what to do with??? This is a great way to add them into your home and get them out of the boxes in your basement!

This may be the perfect solution!  I am not gonna lie…it never gets old making something beautiful with paint.

Thrift store finds birds after pic 3

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