Are you looking to get started with your own DIY projects? Perhaps you are looking to become a upcycler like myself {can we be BFF’s?!? I need more upcycler friends!}. This post is dedicated to tools that every diy’er needs!

I wanted to create a list on how to get you started with upcycling because I truly believe that anyone can create anything they want if the creativity is there. You don’t necessarily have to be crafty especially since the vast majority of the things I upcycle is created with ease.
So let’s get you on your path to upcycling. Here’s what I suggest getting to make projects go smoother since you’ll have them on hand.

Upholstery supplies

Tack puller
Upholstery staple remover
Asst. upholstery tacks

Paint Supplies

220-grit sandpaper
Wood Filler
Assorted Colors of Spray Paint
Paint Brushes
Calcium Carbonate (to make your own chalk paint)
Painter’s Tape
Whizz mini paint rollers and cages
Sanding masks
Pre-mixed Bondo
Drop Cloth

Cleaning Supplies

Krud Kutter
Shop rags or terry cloth rags
Rubber Gloves
Magic Erasers
Tooth brushes

Power Tools

Ryobi Drill
#2 Phillips bit
Ryobi Mitre Saw
Forstner bit set
Drill bits
Stripped Screw & Bolt Extractor
Palm Sander

Hand Tools

Wire Cutters
Flat Head screwdriver
Phillips head screwdriver
Utility Knife Razor Blades
Box of assorted screws
Adjustable wrenches
Allen wrenches
Wire strippers
Rubber mallet


Tape Measure
Permanent markers
Safety goggles
Assorted clamps
Cutting mat and rotary cutter
Press & Seal
Wax Paper
Thick Work Gloves
Baling Wire
Tool Caddy


Mod Podge
Hot glue gun
Wood Glue

If you are a true Diva of DIY here’s a few extra special pieces that you can pick up to create your own Diva Upcyclers Toolbox…every Diva needs a little pink 🙂

Pink Safety Glasses

Pink Work Gloves

Pink Drill

Pink Circular Saw

Pink Tape Measure

6 Piece Pink Screwdriver Set

85 Piece Pink Tool Kit

Pink Hammer

Kelvin 23 Multi-Use Pink Tool

My best advice is to have the coolest tools that you’ll be excited to use. When you have the excitement the creativity will come and you will begin to create beautiful upcycled pieces that your friends and family will rant and rave about. Who knows, you may even turn your new found passion into a business!

What is your favorite tool to use? Did I miss something on the list that you think needs to be added? Let me know by leaving a comment below!

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