This Ceiling Fan Blade Dragonfly is a great way to use one of my favorite finds.  I created a Sunburst Mirror on a episode of Restaurant Impossible using ceiling fan blades and have been using them in projects ever since.

Upcycled DragonFly

If you are looking to add a bit of character to the outside of your home or garden this summer I’ve got THE project for you! A upcycled Ceiling Fan Blade Dragonfly is a super simple and easy way to bring life to your outside garden.

A few of you have emailed asking where I find all these pieces for my projects. My answer every time is the local Habitat for Humanity ReStores. This is a great resource that I visit a few times a week! Not to mention the pricing is unbelievable and you are supporting a GREAT cause! In fact, this Upcycled Dragonfly project was one that I created for the Tiny House. They are also at garage sales and thrift stores. As long as people are updating their homes, there will be leftover ceiling fans just waiting to be rescued from the trash pile.

Ceiling Fan Blade Dragonfly Supplies

Upcycled DragonFly CollageThe steps to create this Upcycled Dragonfly are really pretty simple.

Ceiling Fan Blade Dragonfly Instructions:

Step 1) Take two ceiling fan blades and paint them a solid color.

Step 2) Using Frog Tape Shape Tape in chevron and tape off your pattern.

Step 3) Paint with a second coat Have fun with the colors!

Step 4)  Use original Frog Tape to tape off a design on your “body”. You can paint it the same two colors as the wings, or different, it’s up to you. Afterall, this is YOUR project!

Step 5) Attach the wings with a couple of screws on the back side.

All that is left is the antennas.

Step 6) I take a small drill bit and drill 2 tiny holes in the top of the spindle.  Wrap your wire around a pencil or screwdriver to curl it and then stick it in the holes…that’s it!

Step 7) If you do not use outside paint you will want to use a spray acrylic sealer to seal and protect your project.

You can mount the Dragonfly onto a surface, plant it in the garden, suspend from a clear line on your porch or hang on a fence. The places for your Ceiling Fan Blade Dragonfly are limitless!

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