Tired of being stressed? Want out of your corporate job to live the simple life? Are you empty nesters looking for your next move? Join the Tiny House Movement!

Tiny House MovementThe Tiny House Movement is a real thing! At first I was a little hesitant, but, I could totally get on board with something like this once my kids are all gone….

Any the Tiny House Movement is popping up all over the country. There’s neighborhoods of Tiny Houses in Portland, Oregon and cities throughout Texas. Once I started in on decorating the Tiny House, I learned that there is one even here in Kansas City! I am totally trying to find out who owns this and may drop by!

So the Tiny House is also great for college kids who moved out and are needing to move back in, for guests who may frequent your home or to use as a temporary home while you are off building your dream home. Not to mention how great would this be if you are single and travel a lot?!?

The vast majority of Americans only spend 5 conscious hours in the home with a third of their income going to the mortgage.


Tiny House

While the main living area is only 160 sq ft. the space and a 60 sq ft. loft above and is totally manageable. Here’s a few of the features of the Tiny House:

  • Propane stove
  • Farm sink
  • Shower
  • Compost toilet
  • Queen size bed
  • Library/reading nook’
  • Dining table (flipped up for space saving)
  • Gas Fireplace

The Tiny House is built on a trailer chassis so you don’t need a building permit, however, a typical trailer park most likely won’t accept them because they are above the height limit. So before you go building a Tiny House be sure to find out your limitations of where you will be building yours!

Amy howard tiny house

Here’s my favorite piece that came from the ReStore. I transformed this tired old table into a stunning dining table for 3 with Amy Howard One Step Paint in Graphite. I also used the same paint for the kitchen cabinets that you’ll see below!

Tiny House 1

Look how bright and fun this space is! Did you see the flooring? The picture doesn’t do it justice, it’s simply beautiful! You’ll notice the Dining Table that I refinished for the space. It just went with the space and was a perfect fit! The pillow on the chair was made from a place mat…and it DID NOT involve sewing 🙂

TinyHouseKitchenMy favorite space, out of all 220 square feet, was the kitchen. Look how gorgeous it is! The sink is a farmhouse style sink and even one that I am jealous over. You can recreate the same knockoff West Elm Orb that’s sitting on the orange Serving Tray Made from a Cabinet dining room table as well as the Dipped Baskets for your own home!

Tiny House Bathroom

The Tiny House Bathroom was……well…..TINY! We made sure to make great use of the space above the compost toilet with the floating shelving for extra storage made out of old barn wood. I also brightened it up a bit by hanging the mirror. It turned out bright and beautiful!

Upcycled DragonFly

I had to add bring a little Diva to the Tiny House and add something special to the outside. As some of you know, I have a love for Habitat for Humanity ReStores and where I found the pieces to create the two upcycled decorations for the outside. The Upcycled Dragonfly is so cute, I may end up making a few more of these for friends and family who saw them at the show. Not to mention the Upcycled Bird Feeder Made from a Chandelier is ALWAYS a huge hit!

 So what do you think of the Tiny House Movement? Do you think you could get on board?

You all inspire me and I LOVE to see the work that you’ve created. Feel free to share with me on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook. And as always, be sure to follow Diva Of DIY on Pinterest and sign up for our FREE Newsletter to receive the latest projects delivered straight to your inbox!

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