Restaurant:Impossible-Double H Ranch Remodel
The Double H Ranch, co-founded by Charles R. Wood and Paul Newman, provides specialized programs and year-round support for children and their families dealing with life-threatening illnesses. All programs are FREE of charge and capture the magic of the Adirondacks. Diva of DIY was given the opportunity to work on the Restaurant-Impossible-Double H Remodel.

Double H Ranch
This 3-day makeover challenge was the biggest undertaking of my 15 years in business.  I had spoken to designers, Cheryl Torrenueva and Nicole Bechbache prior to arriving at the Double H Ranch in Lake Luzerne, NY to discuss our role in the project. They wanted it bright and cheery; a magical place for these children suffering from life-threatening illnesses. I knew this mission was going to be tough, both physically and emotionally but I was ready!  When we walked in…I knew exactly what they meant…it was dark and dreary.

Wood Ceiling- Double H Ranch
Even the ceiling were made of wood which is beautiful and so characteristic of the adirondacks but…dark.

Adding the Plywood
These walls were textured with a knock down so a sheet of 1/4″ plywood had to be placed over the top so that we had a smooth surface to stencil on.

Diva of DIY- Helpers
Meet my crew…This is Kristi and Lori! They came with me from Kansas City to help accomplish this mission and I could not have done it without them! {Give these two a virtual high five!}

So are you ready for some after pics????  I am gonna break it down as much as I can so you can see all of the amazing details.

faux boxwood bushes-Double H Remodel
Look at these amazing framed art pieces.  Cheryl Terrenueva wanted to bring the outside in with these faux boxwood bushes.  They were stapled to the back of the frame. Our Sisal Rope Word Art and Coffee Filter Flowers then added the whimsy needed to make them pop.

Cubbies-Double H Remodel
These cubbies also had the boxwood bushes stapled in the back. Yarn-wrapped wire was used write words of inspiration.  To see how to do the yarn-wrapped wire, follow the instructions for the Sisal Rope Word Art but use yarn.

Chalkboard-Double H Remodel
Designers Cheryl and Nicole, along with the D9 crew designed and built this amazing chalkboard with sconces to add more light to the space.

Serving Station-Double H Remodel
Whimsical butterfly wallpaper was added to back of this serving station for color and whimsy.

DIY Ikea Bookcase
Don’t blink or you will miss all of the little details that make this DIY Ikea Bookcase so special.  I love all of the bright colors!

Painted Oars
These painted oars I created are hung throughout the space to add another outdoor element and more colorful whimsy.

Ceiling Fan-Double H Remodel
Favorite project alert: This is my favorite project, a mirror out of old ceiling fan blades. I found these blades in the dumpster on the job site and it’s perfect because it incorporates my love for things upcycled and repurposed!

Painted Oars-Double H Remodel
More painted oars with the phrases “Go Beyond and Dream Big”, which is a motto used over and over at the Double H Ranch.

Herringbone Stenciled Walls-Double H Remodel
These Herringbone Stenciled walls are spectacular. Every time I see it I love it more and more! Thank you Royal Design Studios for providing the amazing stencil and easy-to-use stencil brushes for this project.

focal wall Tribal Stencil
Here is another incredible focal wall created with the Tribal Stencil from Royal Design Studios.

Art Table-Double H Remodel
Look at this amazing art table built by the D9 crew.  I love the center valley that holds all of the art supplies.

Art Wall-Double H remodel
I am so in love with this art wall which incorporates the children’s artwork, framed fabric, wire word art, coffee filter flowers and more!

Ikea Ombre Baskets-color-Double H remodel
I love all of the colors chosen by designers, Cheryl and Nicole for this campsite for children. It’s happy and optimistic.  Notice the Ombre Ikea Buckets on the window ledge and the DHR Letters on the fireplace? Yup, did those too!

Embroidery Hoop Wall Art- Double H Ranch Remodel
This room was especially tough to decorate because of all of the stone on the walls. We created Embroidery Hoop Fabric Art to suspend from a board just above the stone. I love how it brightened the space. On either side of the hoops are photos of the children hung from twine and clothespins.

It's Finished-Double H Remodel
Isn’t this space beautiful??? Honestly, it’s breathtaking. I am so proud of the work we did and even more proud of how well we all worked as a team to accomplish a goal for an extraordinary group of children.

There was not a dry eye in the space during the reveal and I am forever changed for this experience.

Head on over to Behind The Scenes of Restaurant Impossible for more behind the scenes pics. You can also check out all the tutorials o how to create the same look in your home, restaurant or office. All you need is a little help from the Diva herself, the supplies, the tools and a little bit of time and patience!

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