I am so excited that I can finally show you the behind the scenes photos of our trip to Restaurant Impossible. The Holiday Special 3 took place in Lake Luzerne, NY at the Double H Ranch. The Ranch is a year-round camp that is dedicated to serving children with life-threatening illnesses. This is my second Holiday Special and what a great feeling it was to be a part of helping improve the kids experiences at camp.

footage 5-Restaurant Impossible Holiday Special 3

This was our drive everyday to the Double H Ranch. Not bad huh?

footage-Our View from Restaurant Impossible
Then when we go there this was our view from our parking space everyday…I could have sat there all day! But, I had work to do and that I was eager to accomplish. This was really a huge task…

Our Restaurant Impossible Team:

pic 15

Two of my girls from Rekindled Spaces came with me to volunteer this year. It was great to have a team of people there that I knew to experience this with and to help get more done!

footage 3-Rowdy the Fox
Let me introduce you to Rowdy the fox? He is a staple on the set of Restaurant: Impossible!

footage 2-Russomanno Sandwich
Every girl loves a Russomanno sandwich! I am lucky enough to have had one for the last 2 years!

footage 4- Garage Sale-New York City
Umm…yeah…we had to hit a garage sale while in New York right?

footage 6- Diva of DIY Chair- I made it
I am pretty sure this means you’ve “made it” when your name is on the back of your chair. lol

pic 15- Restaurant Impossible-Tom Bury and Cheryl Torrenueva
I love these two: Tom Bury and Cheryl Torrenueva…amazing people to work with. I hope to work with them again soon.

pic 16-Robert Irvine
Robert Irvine is the real deal. He is tough because he cares but has a heart of gold. {Don’t tell him I said that!}

the crew-The Crew of Restaurant Impossible
And thats it folks…that is a wrap for Restaurant: Impossible’s Holiday Special 3. You can catch the entire episode tonight (Monday, December , 2014) at 10 PM EST on Food Network. Then check back during the show as I share with you some of the projects I worked on!

restaurant impossible holiday 3 pin

*update: See what the counselors are saying about all the changes that were done at the ranch.

If you missed last years Holiday Special be sure to check it out at,  Restaurant: Impossible Holiday Special 2 .That was the first time I was able to help out with restaurant impossible and it too was a labor of love that I am proud of. We re-constructed a firehouse in Ship Bottom, NJ and the transformation was amazing!

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Check out these projects from the episode:

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