This DIY Sisal Rope Word Art is a perfect project for any level of DIY’er. You can the words you like for this project and customize it to the decor in your home. This specific word art, created out of wire and sisal rope are more than just pretty decor. This was made for the Holiday Special of Restaurant Impossible. We chose words that have a meaning to the families who attend the Double H Ranch.

How To Make Inexpensive Word Art Using Rope

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Rope Word Art Supplies:

How To Make Inexpensive Word Art Using Rope
Step 1) We started this project by cutting open one of the cardboard boxes headed for the dumpster. This gave us a big enough template to write our words. I wrote the word in my own handwriting until I thought it looked perfect.

How To Make Inexpensive Word Art Using Rope
Step 2) To make the rope pliable, we wrapped the sisal ropearound wire

How To Make Inexpensive Word Art Using Rope
Step 3) Now bend the wire into the shape or the word you are spelling. We held our down with tape until we got it positioned the way we wanted.

Step 4) We removed the tape and sprayed it with polyurethane spray to stiffen it up.

How To Make Inexpensive Word Art Using Rope
We made one for health and happiness…2 things that are very important to the campers and their families at the Double H Ranch.

Letter and word art are all the rage for home decor right now. Let me show you how to make your own sisal rope word art.

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