Word Art is a simple way to infuse color into your decor. These yarn-wrapped words add texture and style to any room. It's a great craft for kids & adults

I love adding color and  texture to my decor and these yarn wrapped words add just the right amount for any room. This is another project we did for the Restaurant Impossible Holiday 3 addition. These Yard Words made the biggest statement at the Double H Ranch. It’s a simple way to transform a boring old letter or word into something fun!

pic 4
Do you see the words on the shelf? I apologize for the photos but when you only have 36 hours to transform an entire space, taking good pictures seems to be put on the back shelf. See what I did there? Wrapping these otherwise boring words with yarn  add a fun texture to the DIY Shelving Unit. It is filled with all types of easy, inexpensive DIY projects.

pic 2
You will need large chipboard words for this project. You can get these at your local craft store.

pic 1
And yarn…that is it! I like the multi-color yarn because it seems to add more depth but get whatever works with your decor.

pic 3

Instructions for Yarn Wrapped Letters:

Simply wrap the yarn around each individual letter until you get the look you desire. There is no right or wrong way to do it.  It is really that easy! You can overlap and make it as thick or thin as you desire. When we did the “believe” shown above we broke things up by skipping the letter i and painting it yellow with acrylic paint instead of wrapping it with yarn. When you are finished wrapping the yarn simply cut a tail about 2 inches long and weave it in to the back of the word to hold it in place.

The bright yarn colored words went well with the colorful theme that we were going for at the Double H Ranch.

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