There is no need to spend a fortune on a premade shelving unit.  Channel the inner Diva and create your own DIY Shelving Unit for a fraction of the price using IKEA brackets.

pic 4
This DIY Ikea shelving unit is easy, inexpensive and adorable. It was just what the Double H Ranch needed and a project that I was proud to work on during the Restaurant: Impossible Holiday Impossible Episode. This DIY Ikea shelving unit would look great in a craft space, a child’s room, a playroom or any space where you need a little extra storage. This entire Ikea Shelving Project should only take a few hours to complete, so it’s a great weekend project!

pic 1
We started with these Ikea shelf brackets. Sorry for the orange spray paint…I got a little ahead of myself 😉

Spray paint each of the brackets with Rustoleum Spray Paint in assorted colors. We then let them dry…..

pic 2
Decide how wide you want your bookshelf and, using a mitre saw, cut 1″ x 6″ plywood accordingly.

pic 4
That’s it…all that is left is to decorate it and hide away all the randomness you can find in bins, display your collection or house your child(ren’s) favorite books.

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