It’s spring and that means its time to evaluate your curb appeal.  In my opinion, you can instantly upgrade your curb appeal with 2 focal points:  the front door and outdoor light fixtures.


The dead plants in the planter are not the only eye sore of this house! How terrible is that white front door? You wouldn’t know it from this picture, but, this house is gorgeous and just a few years old. The door had never been painted…WHAT?

Did you know…when people drive by your house…and they see dead plants, an unpainted front door (or one that is faded or peeling), overgrown landscaping, rotting garage doors, etc…they immediately start judging the inside of your house and better yet…they judge the people who live there.

A neglected outside = A neglected inside.

It’s probably not the case…but, it is a harsh reality.

Alright, back to this front door!

If you can hold a paint brush and dip it in paint you can totally update the look of your front door in a weekend and with very little money. With this particular door I created a faux wood look… yes this was a metal door.

Pick a color that suits your homes outside colors.

To get this look…


  1. Begin by thoroughly cleaning the door with krud kutter or TSP.
  2. Using a brush and mini-roller, prime the door with multi-purpose latex primer.  Let dry.
  3. Using a separate brush and mini-roller, apply 2 coats of Leatherbound paint, letting dry in between coats.
  4. Let dry overnight before staining.
  5. Working in sections and using a staining pad, dip pad in gel stain and begin staining the door.  I typically do each of the boxes or panels first and then the horizontal pieces and then the vertical pieces of the door.
  6. Depending on how dark you want the door, let dry and stain again.
  7. Let dry overnight.
  8. Using brush and mini-roller, apply 2 coats of sealer


With a couple hours the front of this house looks more like a home. Does it not look welcoming now and say “Come on In!”…now the planter needs a set of fresh flowers and it’s a beautiful transformation that you too can complete this weekend. This is a great way to add curb appeal especially if you are going to be listing your home for sale soon.


If this isn’t a dramatic transformation and a way to add curb appeal inexpensively I don’t know what is!

Don’t like the look of a stained door???  Try painting it with Modern Masters Front Door Paint.

Did this article inspire you to update the look  of your front door? If so, send me a before and after picture. It will be showcased in our Reader Projects page!

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