Are you tired of heading to the store every time you have a decorating idea? Chances are there are things laying around your home that you are no longer using and can use to upcycle into something beautiful. These Ikea Ombre Buckets are one of those projects and can be made to match any decor, anywhere! The Diva of DIY, Leanne Lee, demonstrates how she created these Ikea Ombre Buckets on a episode of Restaurant: Impossible at the Double H Ranch.You will learn how to create your own Ikea Ombre Buckets as well!

Create Your Own Ikea Ombre Buckets
These Ikea buckets look so good with this Ombre effect. You can use whatever buckets you are no longer using, just make sure they are clean. We used 3 colors of Rustoleum spray paint from Home Depot to achieve this effect.

Dividing the Ikea Buckets into 3 groups-Create Your Own Ikea Ombre Buckets
We started by dividing the buckets into 3 groups.  We painted 1/3 of them in White Rustoleum spray paint; 1/3 of them in  a medium blue Rustoleum spray paint and the last 1/3 in the darker blue Rustoleum spray paint.

pic 2- Graduate the Colors of the Ombre Bucket-Create Your Own Ikea Ombre Buckets
Pro Tip: When doing ombre, you want to have graduated color starting with the lightest color to the darkest or vice versa.

In the image above, I started with a white bucket. I spray-painted the darkest blue at the top and then sprayed the middle color in the center letting the overspray of the spray paint soften the edges.

Create Your Very Own Ikea Ombre Buckets
I love the way these turned out. Ikea has such good prices on their accessories and with a little twist…we have made them our own! Now you know how to create your own Ikea Ombre Baskets!

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