So if you saw the Rope Wall Art Tutorial you probably noticed the whimsical flowers. Believe it or not, but, The Diva of DIY, Leanne Lee, create Coffee Filter Flowers. They are fun and would be great for a playroom, a wedding or in a girls bedroom….okay they can really be anywhere!

pic 13
These flowers made from coffee filters were so fun to do. This was a first for me but I had seen the project on Pinterest and thought I would give it a try.

pic 5
Begin by selecting your colors. We chose four of the Sherwin Williams paint colors used on our other projects at the Double H Ranch.  You will need a separate container for each color. Dilute the paint 1 part paint to 4 parts water.

pic 4
Take your coffee filter and grab it by the center and pull the filter down so that you are holding it by a point.

pic 3
Dip the bottom of the filter into the paint/water mixture. The coffee filter will wick up the liquid so dip conservatively.  We wanted to create an ombre effect {did you see the Ombre Ikea Buckets we did?} so we only dipped about 1″-2″ of the filter into the mix.  If you want more of a solid look, dip more of the filter in the liquid.

pic 2
Stand them up to dry overnight….YES, overnight!

pic 10
Once they are dry, decide how you want your flowers to look. It takes 3 coffee filters to create these flowers.

pic 7
I am not sure how I switched colors here but the process is the same. lol

Take your first filter and tie some string or thread around the bottom and tie it tight.

pic 8
Take a second filter and put it on the backside of the first one and tie more string or thread around that one.

pic 11
Now take a third one and repeat the process. When you are finished, you will have 3 filters nestled inside each other.  Note: you will not get the same look if you lay all 3 filters together and fasten them all together.

pic 12
And here is what they look like finished. They are sooooo cute and whimsical..just what this children’s camp needed.

featured image

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