how to make an ornament wreath
A wreath is a simple and fun way to decorate for the holidays. Our Diva of DIY, Leanne Lee, demonstrates how to make a Ornament Wreath. Did you know a Ornament Wreath is this year’s hottest trend?

Christmas Ornament Wreath

Supplies you will need:
Wire hanger
Lots of Ornaments (I used approx 75 ornaments)
Glue Gun
Wired Ribbon

1) Begin by gluing the tops on all of the ornaments. This is the time consuming part. The rest is a piece of cake.
2) Shape wire hanger into the shape of a circle, leaving the ends connected.
3) Once you have the circle shape, untwist the ends
4) Thread ornaments on wire hanger until completely full
5) Re-twist the ends back together
6) Tie a bow using the wired ribbon to hide hanger hook

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