Can you smell Spring in the air yet? In some parts of the country, it’s already starting to warm up and new grass is growing! By the end of February, everyone has a little bit of cabin fever, so I thought it would be fun to think about plants and gardening for a bit. Grab a glass of iced tea and join me, will you? Let’s plan a Spring garden! Here are some of my best Spring garden and planter ideas. If you start planning now, think of what you’ll have ready to plant when the time comes!

How to Make an Easy Herb Garden Bench

This herb garden bench will allow you to grow herbs outside during warm months and transport indoors during winter. That's a herb garden all year round!

Make an Easy and Inexpensive Fairy Garden by Diva of DIY

How to make your own Easy DIY Fairy Garden House complete with simple accessories you can make to create your own homemade miniature village. Cheap ideas!

Easy Pallet Garden by Diva of DIY

Easy Cedar Window Boxes by Diva of DIY

Looking to up your curb appeal game? Try these easy DIY cedar window boxes that will look amazing and are so easy they can be done in an afternoon!

Repurposed Tire Planters by Diva of DIY

These Tire Planters will make a great conversation piece in your space! An easy bright tire upcycling DIY project that will add fun to your outdoor decor!

Old Chair Upcycled Into a Planter by Diva of DIY

How to Make a Seasonal Wheelbarrow Planter by Diva of DIY

DIY planters that can be changed for the seasons! Make a wheelbarrow planter out of a wooden crate for real flowers or for Holiday Decorating! Think Fall!

Easy Faux Galvanized Flower Pot On The Cheap by Diva of DIY

Faux galvanized bucket flower pot made with dollar store supplies! 

Flower Bed by Diva of DIY

How to Make a Tiki Torch Planter – The Weathered Fox

DIY Planter Boxes by Twelve on Main

DIY Vertical Herb Garden and Planter by Making Joy and Pretty Things

Vintage Bucket and Salvaged Faucet Planter by Sadie Seasongoods


Rope Planter Basket From a Garbage Can by Small Home Soul

DIY Thrift Store Wooden Bowl Planters by Unskinny Boppy

If you’re short on space, you’ll enjoy these pre-made container garden ideas, too!

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