You all know I love DIY Pallet Ideas.  This American Flag Pallet Project is easy, inexpensive and can be completed in less than 30 minutes.

diy pallet ideas: How to make an american flag


I love to decorate for Memorial Day & the 4th of July. I’m not sure if it’s because I love showing my pride in America and what the day represents or that it is a friend and family weekend that we always spend at the lake making memories with our family. It is always a weekend that allows us to slow down from our  busy schedules and just enjoy time with those who are near and dear to us.  Call me crazy, but I think the sun seems brighter, the food tastes better and of course the photo ops are more amazing when your decorate!

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So let’s get you started on this American Flag Pallet Project. I’m sure you’ve already guessed how to do it, but, here it is!

DIY Pallet Ideas:  American Flag Supplies

American Flag Pallet Instructions:

Step 1) Spray paint the wooden stars using your white Rust-loeum spray paint.  Let Dry. 

diy pallet ideas: How to make an american flag

Step 2) Lay pallet on a flat, protected surface.

diy pallet ideas: How to make an american flag

Step 3) Using the Photo as a guide, paint the pallet boards.  I started at the bottom with white, then alternated with red. 

diy pallet ideas: How to make an american flagStep 4) Once all of your boards are painted grab the Cobalt Blue paint and spray a square on the left corner 3/4 boards. If this makes you nervous you can always tape off the blue section but I just free-sprayed it. Who needs perfection on a pallet?

diy pallet ideas: How to make an american flag

Step 5) Once the cobalt blue paint has dried use a bit of E6000 to attach the stars onthe blue area.

Step 6) You can drive stakes into the ground and put the pallet on them with the stakes between the front and back of the pallet, or you can just lean it up against something sturdy. Mine actually leans up against an ugly utility box so it performs double duty; it is a patriotic decoration as well as a perfect way to hide that ugly box!

It truly is that easy! Honestly I don’t think I’ve ever done a DIY project any easier than this one!

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diy pallet ideas: How to make an american flag

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