Are you ready for another one of my Red White and Blue decor ideas? As you might already be aware, I have this thing for decorating our lake house for Memorial Day and Independence Day! This American flag clothes pin wreath is  just the cutest project ever and it couldn’t be easier!

american flag clothespin wreath

Last year for Memorial Day I got all DIY at the lake house. Memorial Day is the first official weekend of the summer, and the RWB decorations can be reused for Independence day! I first started with the American Flag Pallet Project simply because it was super simple and the hubby was on me to get it out of the way. I had some spray paint left over and grabbed a wired wreath and some clothes pins from the local Michael’s Craft store. This American Flag Wreath literally came together in just minutes. The hardest part was waiting for the paint to dry….I’m such a impatient person!

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American Flag Wreath Supplies:

American Flag Wreath Instructions:

This American Flag clothes pin wreath is the perfect quick and easy holiday Americana decoration! Great for Memorial Day and 4th of July! Step 1) On a large piece of cardboard or newspaper, spray paint your clothes pins. I sprayed 24 blue, 40 White and 40 Red. You may need more or less depending on the size of your wreath.

Step 2)  You will see a bit of the wreath so I spray painted it white so it wouldn’t stand out!

Step 3) Spray paint the wooden starts white.

Step 4) Once everything is painted one dried it’s time for the fun part, attaching the clothes pins! This is really pretty easy, you just clip them onto the wired wreath. If you are worried about them not staying in place you can apply a drop of E6000 to the inside of the clamp and allow it to dry.

For my particular wreath I placed 18 blue clothes pins and then alternated 5 white and 5 red.

Step 5) Attach stars with e6000. I used 10 Wooden Stars.

Step 6) You are ready to hang or display your new American Flag Clothes Pin Wreath!

This wreath goes perfectly with our other Red White and Blue DIY projects.

american flag clothespin wreath

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