These DIY folding chairs are the perfect addition to any family gathering.  Our family loves to entertain and the motto has always been “the more the merrier” so whenever I come across folding chairs at a garage sale or thrift store I snag them up, paint them and add some new fabric and voila…

Folding chairs are perfect for extra seating. Bring them out when you need them and tuck them away in a closet when you don't.

DIY Folding Chairs

Folding chairs are perfect for extra seating.  They can be pulled out as needed and tucked away in a closet until the next big gathering.

DIY folding chairs

Here are 2 folding chair styles I picked up at a garage sale.  Usually if someone is getting rid of them its because there is a rip or stain in the fabric or the metal is rusting.

Neither one of those issues will stop me from buying them.  A coat of paint and some updated fabric and these garage sale eyesores will look brand new and I will have a new set of folding chairs.

DIY folding chairs

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Supplies To Make Your Own DIY Folding Chairs:

  • Screwdriver or Drill
  • Spray paint in a color that coordinates with your new fabric
  • Fabric*

*I chose an outdoor fabric for these folding chair covers because we do a lot more entertaining outdoors than we do indoors plus…you can always use outdoor fabric inside but not vice versa.

DIY folding chairs


Instructions for DIY Folding Chairs:

1)  Remove the seat cushion and head rest.  Flip the chair over and using your drill, loosen the screws and remove the pieces.  Place the screws in a plastic bag for later.

DIY folding chairs

I have recovered a ton of folding chairs and have only ran across 2 types of fastening systems for the cushions: 1) screws and 2) bolts (see pic above).  The bolts are still super easy to remove but you will need to grab a socket set to remove them.

2)  Spray paint the folding chair frame.  Once all of the padding is off of the chair, clean it well with then rinse with water.  Let dry then spray 2 coats of spray paint in coordinating color.

Diva Tip:  If you see rust on the metal frame, light sand the area and then spray it with clear shellac.  It will seal off the rust and keep it from seeping up through the paint.

DIY folding chairs

3)  Cover existing board with new fabric.  Remove old fabric from hardboard and foam cushion.  Do a smell test and if it is still in good condition, lay it face down on the opposite side of the fabric.  Begin pulling up the sides and attaching with a staple gun.  Once you have made it all the way around you are done.  Trim excess fabric.

DIY folding chairs

What a difference!  The once drab, stained, 80’s chairs are now modern and full of life.  What do you think?  What color and fabric would you pick for your DIY folding chairs?

DIY folding chairs
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