Not much of a wine drinker but like the look of wine corks as decor or crafts? You can always go to the craft store and purchase plain corks but they have no character. Why not make your own personalized wine corks out of those drab craft store corks!

Personalized Wine Corks

How cool would it be to have Personalized Wine Corks at your wedding, give as a gift to a wine connoisseur {try spelling that one without Google!} or to have on hand in your own home as extras or for decoration or to make crafts? Whatever the reason creating your own  wine corks are super simple.

I love the natural look of wine corks and use them in my decor all the time. Unfortunately, or fortunately if you are my liver I never seem to have enough for everything I want to use them for. Of course I always watch for them at garage sales and thrift stores but recently I had an idea and didn’t have enough “real” wine corks but I had a bag of craft corks. I decided there had to be a way to spruce them up a bit. I grabbed a stamp pad and stamps and gave personalizing them a try and I love the way they came out!

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Instructions for Personalized Wine Corks:

Personalized Wine Corks
Step 1) Cover you stamp with ink.Personalized Wine Corks

Step 2) Start at the beginning of the stamp and slowly roll the wine cork toward you. This will let you wrap the stamp around the entire wine cork!  If you are making several corks make sure to re-ink the stamp between corks. The cork is like a sponge and pulls in the ink.

Personalized Wine Corks

It is seriously that easy! How cute are these little Wine Corks? My new favorite way to display these is in a glass container so you can see all the detail. Put a few drops of scented oil on the top and you have a beautiful way to freshen your home. Endless possibilities!

Personalized Wine Corks


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