Are you looking for Cheap Wedding Ideas that will set your wedding over the top? Leanne Lee, Diva of DIY, shows you how to do just that!

Cheap Wedding Ideas
Trying to decorate for a wedding while on a budget is easier than you think. The Diva of DIY, Leanne Lee has cheap wedding ideas that will allow you to turn things you likely have around the house into personalized wedding decorations. Leanne also suggests that if you must purchase items, try looking at garage sales or thrift stores first!

Cheap Wedding Ideas in the video:

  • Candles inside old cheese grates
  • Using a tractor spring or old shutter use as a card holder and then use for decoration within your new home
  • Turn a oversized letter into a guest book to display after the wedding
  • Use a old outside light for a decoration by adding a candle, super cute
  • Take old worn doors and use as a backdrop and reuse in your new home as a headboard
  • Create your very own chalkboard with a old frame

Another great idea for your upcoming wedding is to make your very own Wedding Signs. These are super simple to make, a great way to personalize your wedding and then a gift that can be taken home to use or display in the newlywed’s home.

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