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I always have people ask me “Do you really practice what you preach” when it comes to “Decorating with a conscience”? The answer is “Yes I do!”. I try to incorporate as many repurposed/vintage and thrifty items as i can in my decor. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to create the look that you want. My theme this year is “Vintage Glam”. Here is this years Holiday Home Tour:
From the moment you pull up to my home I want you to feel the Christmas spirit and get a sense of feel for what you will see inside. You will find the same sort of elements all across my home! Don’t you just love that huge silver ball and the springs? There’s more of where that came from…

Don’t you just love those old car springs? I love the rust on them as it creates a sense on character. The are upcycled into my very own vases 😉 See how you do that? You just create something out of nothing. So the next time you are rummaging around a old junk yard and not sure what you can pick up grab a set of old car springs and set them up on your porch, walk way, steps and add a decorative piece like a candle or twigs to create a inexpensive decoration. Upcycling is all left up to your imagination!

I love my Homemade Ornament Wreath that I created for my front door. Sure it took a good bit of time and lots of glue sticks, but, it’s something I upcycled from old ornaments that I had laying around the home from previous years. Not to mention they go with my silver balls! Are you getting the jist of it yet?!?

So I love to create texture when I’m decorating. One of the easiest ways that you can do that is by adding pillows to your furniture. There are some great choices on pillow covers on Amazon. You can also make your own burlap sack pillow cases. I’ve created my own for several years and then change them out for the seasons. It’s a great way to be festive without over doing the decorating. Sometimes less is more…

So when you walk into my home you are greeting with this little cozy spot! In all honesty this is where I hide all of our crap is we have a unexpected visitor…it’s far less from this clean all the time! {Where do you hide all your stuff?!?}

Here’s a closer look at the decorations that are set out for Christmas.

Remember those springs from out front by the steps and one the front porch? Well here’s some more! I took these old mattress springs and put them to good use in my homemade spring wreath. I tied a piece of scrap burlap onto it to pretty it up a bit and tada you have a upcycled customized wreath that no one else will have!

So I have a thing for old tools and such. You see back in the day this stuff was how women got by when they were making their own clothing, men used hand made tools that they created to get work done on a daily basis and all of these pieces have their own story to tell. {If only I knew what those stories were!} So while sometimes I may not necessarily want to re-use these sorts of pieces they do make great decorations are become a instant piece that guests will talk about.

Again with the springs, I know! But, they create some much playfullness and character! I absolutely love the NOEL sign that I have created here. You create your own with items laying around your house. Plus you can change the letters out throughout the year for different holidays. For instance I’ll re-use the OEL for LOVE to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

I love to create a sense of playfulness where ever I can. From the vast majority of the lights in my home I tie a piece of string, yarn, whatever I have on hand with ornaments and it transforms the space instantly without causing damage! Plus, the ornaments reflect light which is just gorgeous.

I look forward every Christmas to decorate the mantle. While others tend to go big, I like to keep it simple. This upcycled rail road tie makes a great inexpensive mantle that anyone can do in just a few hours. I simply laid garland on the mantle with pinecones and springs tucked in to give it even more texture. It’s a great way to bring the outdoors, in.

Just below the mantle is another large silver ball, these are probably my favorite pieces because they stay out all year and I simply transform them during the holidays. They are super versatile. And again I used some of the left over garland, twigs/springs and pine cones to dress up the balls and again to try and give it a bit of texture.

So this doesn’t really need any explaining, right?!?

Now I know what you are thinking…”how in the world does she decorate her tree?” am I right? So while I don’t have old car springs on the tree I do try and upcycle and make as many ornaments as I can. Take a look…

In the instance you have a artificial tree let me show you how to make your artificial tree amazing!
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