These burlap sack pillows are so cute for the holidays and work so well with my vintage glam theme that I shared with you in my Holiday Home Tour article.

For this project, you will need:

Burlap fabric or Burlap feed sacks

Pillow form in desired size

Thick yarn or butcher’s twine

Heavy weight needle

Sharpies in assorted colors

* A few of these things you should already have on hand if you read my Tools Every DIY’er Needs article!

Let’s get you started!

1. Cut 2 pieces of burlap 2″ longer and 2″ wider than the pillow form.  For example, if you buy a 16″ square pillow form, cut 2 burlap squares 18″ wide x 18″ tall.

2. Before sewing, draw you design on your burlap.  I am not gonna lie…I have to print out artwork to trace because drawing is not my specialty.

3. Lay one piece of burlap face down on your working surface.  Set pillow form on wrong side of burlap. Lay other piece of burlap on top of pillow form face up.

4. Hand sew burlap edges closed. I love the imperfect look of this stitching style.

At the end of the Christmas season, simply open your burlap sack pillow on one end and remove the pillow form for easy storage until next year.

BONUS:  You can use the pillow form for the next season or holiday. Woohoo!!!

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