Mother’s Day is the perfect time to tell that special person in your life that you appreciate them. This can be done in many ways: a hug, a card, a gift, some flowers or a simple “I love you”. This mason jar bouquet is all of these sentiments in one easy project.

mason jar bouquet

This mason jar bouquet can be accomplished with just a few inexpensive supplies:

You need to decide between two looks: Raw or painted nail heads. If you paint the board first, then you will leave your nails raw. If you want the heads of the nails to be your board color, then hammer the nails in first.

mason jar template on board

Lay the mason jar bouquet template on your board.

mason jar template with nails

Using your hammer, begin nailing the wire nails into the board starting with dot #1.

mason jar template

Repeat until you have a nail at each point. I hammer 1/3 of the nail into the board. Usually at this point I remove the paper but for the mason jar bouquet project I like to leave the paper on through the next step.

Leaving a 2″ tail, Tie one end of your string to the #1 nail in your template. As you move to nail #2, #3, etc, make sure you wrap your string around the nail head to secure it.

Continue until you make one trip all the way around the outline of the jar.

Before you continue…REMOVE THE PAPER TEMPLATE!

mason jar bouquet jar

Once the paper template is removed, begin winding the rest of your string around the body of the mason jar until you get the result you are looking for. I personally like to see some of the stems through the jar but you can competely fill it in if you want.

mason jar bouquet

Once you’ve finished creating you jar, you are ready to add your flowers . Simply fill your jar and voila…you have a thoughtful mason jar bouquet…no water needed!

mason jar bouquet pinterest

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