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Hi divas! My name is Leanne Lee and I’m the Diva of DIY! I’m so glad you are here! Today I want you to gather the littles and let’s make this fun kids craft…DIY Backpack clips! Not only is this craft cute for backpacks, but, these can also serve when you are entertaining friends and family…..more on that later!

DIY Backpack clip supplies pic


Leather Cording or Paracord
Duck Brand Duct Tape
Lobster Clasps
Pony Beads
Paint in desired color
Paint Brush
Wooden Craft Spools or better yet…repurpose your empty thread spools

DIY Backpack clip pic 1

Paint the top and the bottom of the spool in an acrylic paint in the desired color.

DIVA TIP:  Don’t have the right color of paint???  Don’t go out and buy it…make a color using colors you already have.    See my post on “Making Your Own Color Wheel Will Change Your Life

DIY Backpack clip pic 5

Cut a piece of duct tape the width of the spool and tape it around the center.  This creates your design and gives you the inspiration for your bead color.

DIY Backpack clip pic 2

Decide the length of your backpack clip and cut your leather cord.  Tie one end of the cord to the end of the lobster claw clasp.

DIY Backpack clip pic 3

Next, string a few pony beads on and push them up by the lobster clasp. Then slide the spool on and then finish with a couple more pony beads.

DIY Backpack clip pic 6

That’s it…so easy and so fun for the kids.

DIY Backpack clip pic 4

I think these would be so fun to make for a birthday party or for a back-to-school craft.  Hey! This would be perfect for a sleepover craft.  A word of caution…they are addictive and with so many duct tape choices…the options are unlimited.

So remember when I told you these could double when you are entertaining guests? If you and your friends enjoy a nice bottle of wine you can wrap these around the stem of a wine glass. You’ll need to create different clips, but, it is a lot easier to remember what color your clip is than where you set your glass…I actually did it a few days ago! OOOPS!

backpack pulls

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