Junkstock is the perfect event for a girls day, a couples day or a family day! There is something for everyone!  It is a fun and relaxing atmosphere where you can find that perfect item you are looking for or just enjoy looking at all the fun ideas. There is plenty of yummy food and activities for the kids as well. I am so excited to share my day with you…

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Before I could be set free to find my treasures I had to do a little work.

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KCLive, the show I do a DIY segment on every Wednesday followed me as I gave a few tips for when you go to events like these. Here I was talking about finding vintage pieces that are not any more expensive than the reproduced pieces and how the actual vintage pieces tell a story! I found crochet balls, wooden crates and the big marque type letters that are all the rage right now for less then the reproduced pieces found at the big box stores.

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Then I interviewed 4 different vendors that were there from the Kansas City area. Here I am talking about this amazing piece of furniture that has been upcycled into this beautiful updated piece. You know upcycling and repurposing are very close to my heart so of course I was in heaven. Furniture pieces are everywhere and some sell out quickly. I was there on the first day and this piece had already sold and it was still before noon! Oh and I can’t forget to mention the “Junk Hunks” that are there to help you load that big furniture! I was finished filming and set free to explore by 1pm and the doors closed on me as I walked out at 6pm. It was truly an amazing day. Check out all the fun things I saw…

Junkstock “new” items:

junkstock (35)

There are some great items that are what I call Junkstock new. These letter look polished and new, and it’s true they have never been used but they are made out of salvaged lath from old homes. The vendor selling these told the story of how he used the building materials from old homes for an updated look. They were huge!

junkstock (39)

There were several jewelry vendors there. Most of the jewelry is handmade with a vintage flare. They are made by combining older vintage pieces with newer jewelry materials. It’s truly amazing the beautiful jewelry they make with essentially “junk” pieces.

junkstock (31)

This beauty was made with reclaimed wood. It was done by a true artisan and the price was pretty hefty. A couple years back I made a pallet flag that isn’t nearly as impressive but perfect for outside at the lake! I may have to step up my game.

Junkstock repurposed and upscaled items:

Did you notice what the jewelry is hanging on in the picture above? No peg hooks for Junkstock vendors! It is a planter sitting on top of an old lamp. How cool is that? The display wasn’t for sale but the idea was free! Believe me it got my juices flowing!

junkstock (42)

What about these cute little bird houses made with old gas and oil cans…

junkstock (23)a

Or this robot man made out of an old lard can. So many cute ideas for repurposing those old metal cans! How many other repurposed “junk” items do you see on this fellow.

junkstock c

How about a pig from an old BBQ gas tank…

junkstock (15)

Or weld together some bits and pieces of metal to create beautiful rustic art. Be still my heart!

junkstock (9)

Again, look at the old metal cans turned into flower containers you can hang.

junkstock square (3)

I’ve used bed springs for many projects over the years but check out this chair…

junkstock b

I probably wouldn’t hang it, and I really think this was more for display but can’t you just see it in a flower garden? It would go great with my flower bed. My flower bed is very unique, you can check it out here.

junkstock a

Can you see they actually planned the flowers in the springs! Way too cute!

junkstock (38)

Then of course there are odds and ends pieces waiting to inspire a new owner…

junkstock (17)a

junkstock (3)

You can find instant relatives…

junkstock (30)

That perfect boyfriend’s senior photo…

junkstock (13)

Ways to spread the love…

junkstock (12)

Beautiful ideas for displaying you perfect pieces…

junkstock (33)

Whatever your funky, rustic, junky, vintage heart desires can be found at Junkstock.


Junkstock Scenery and Family Fun:

There is an area with kids activities and lots of food and photo opportunities around every corner…

junkstock (22)

Cornstalk peace…

junkstock (20)

A custom coloring book for the adult coloring craze with a string are display to go along with it.

junkstock (6)

junkstock (41)

Pallet wall to add some separation to a eating area. I didn’t take a picture of the eating area and I should have. The tables were hay bales with old school cafeteria chairs all around. I’ve sat on hay bales for chairs but I’ve never eaten off a hay bale table.

junkstock (7)

And the Love shack. That’s what it’s all about and that is why Junkstock, and events like them are making the world a better place. It’s about bringing people together to shop for some “junk”, share some childhood memories about some of the items you see, eat some good food and just enjoy one another… on a sunny day… on an old farm… in Nebraska.

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I hope you’ve enjoyed this little look into this fun event. If you are looking for something to do this summer mark June 24-26 (2016) in your calendars and make a plan to head to Nebraska this summer! Follow their Facebook page for updates.

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*Diva disclaimer: As a graduate of the University of Kansas I must add that this is a big deal for me to to attach my name to the Huskers but Nebraska gets my full respect for this event…. Lol!

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It’s all in good fun!

junkstock vintage market pin

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