how to make diy yard dice

Spend hours outside this summer playing Outdoor Yardzee.  Follow this step by step tutorial to make DIY Yard Dice and download the printable scorecards so you have everything you need for this fun outdoor game.  We have all of the tips and tricks to ensure your DIY is a success.

Yardzee Game with DIY Wood Dice

Hi friends, it’s time for another fabulous outdoor yard game!  Last week we made Yard Jenga and this week we are making DIY Yard Dice so we can play Yardzee.  It’s just like Yahtzee but bigger and better!  Not only is it another easy outdoor game that you can make yourself, but it’s a great game to play with all your friends and family.

You know I’m all about easy DIY projects and I’m having a blast making outdoor games.  This one might just be these easiest one yet.  All you have to do is cut pieces of 4 x 4 wood into squares and add dots using a wood burner.  No painting required!

Outdoor Yardzee and DIY Dice

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Materials needed to make DIY Yard Dice:

Directions for Making Yard Dice:

Yardzee Measure Wood

Step 1:  Measure wood so all edges are the same width and length.  Hint:  A 4″ x 4″ post is really only 3.5″ x 3.5″ 

Yardzee Cut Wood

Step 2:  Using the mitre saw,  cut all of the blocks to 3.5″ to make a cube.

Yardzee Cubes

Step 2:  Cut wood into five cubes.  One 8 ft board will make 4 sets of 5 dice.

Yardzee Step 2

Step 3:  Sand edges of wooden cubes.

Yardzee Burn Circles onto Wood

Yardzee Dice

Step 4:  Use the wood burner with circular wood stamp to burn circles onto the wooden cubes.  Stamp one dot on one side, two dots on another side, and continue to make your dice.  Repeat on all 5 cubes.

Step 5:  Step back and admire your beautiful work.

That’s it!  Now it’s time to invite all your favorite people over to play Yardzee.

I couldn’t show you how to make DIY Outdoor Yardzee without making scorecards because you can’t play yardzee without keeping score.  Download the FREE Yardzee scorecards HERE.

Tips for Making DIY Yard Dice:

  • Definitely use a wood burner with circular stamp!  This thing might just be the best invention ever.
  • Add Yardzee Scorecards to plastic sleeves or have them laminated and use dry erase markers so you can reuse the same cards over and over again.
  • Store Yardzee Dice in a large bucket.

I hope I’ve inspired you to make your own yard dice, play Yardzee, and have fun outside.

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