Are you looking to create a Tribal Wall in your home? The Diva of DIY, Leanne Lee, shows you can to do just that using a stencil! This tribal wall and the Herringbone Wall were featured in Restaurant Impossible at the Double H Ranch!

You may think I’m nuts, but, I love creating Tribal and Herringbone walls. They bring a sense of playfulness to a room and can really be a beautiful focal wall. I’m seeing this trend finally catch on and it’s something that really excites me!

feature image
Another amazing stencil project completed at The Double H Ranch. A special thanks to Royal Design Studio for providing us with the stencil and stencil brushes to complete this project.

pic 3
We used 2 of the Sherwin Williams paint colors that we used on the Herringbone Wall.

pic 2
We also used this Tribal Stencil from Royal Design Studios.

pic 1
These are my new friends and the stencil fairies for this wall.  Meet Sukie Kuck, a talented artist from New Hampshire.

pic 5
Here is a close-up of the completed Tribal Wall. I love the look of this stencil and it created such an amazing focal point in an area that could have hanging artwork.

Be sure to check out all the projects that we covered at the Restaurant Impossible Holiday Special at the Double H Ranch.

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