As a professional contractor who updates the interior look of homes I have done my share of Harlequin Patterns. A clean, diamond pattern on the walls can really dress up a room, but creating that pattern doesn’t need to be left to the professionals. I thought I would share some of my secrets to the perfect Harlequin Pattern.



How to create a Harlequin Pattern:

Supplies for Harlequin Pattern


Step 1) Decide what size harlequins you want. I think they look better when they are taller than they are wide. I usually decide the height and width based on the size of the piece I am placing it on. For this demonstration I am using a sample board that is 18” x 24”. Therefore, to make the harlequins fit perfectly, I am going to make them 6” wide and 8” tall.

Step 2) Using a tape measure, make tack marks across on both sides of the board at 3”,6”,9”,12”15” & 18”

Step 3) Using same tape measure, make tack marks vertically on both top and bottom at 4”,8”,12”16”20” & 24”

Step 4) Now take a Stanley 47-464 PowerWinder Chalk Box 3 Piece Set – Blue Chalk and snap a grid by matching your tack marks up

Step 5) Now tape off the diamond harlequin pattern where the lines are

Step 6) Using an X-ACTO Z Series #1 Knife with Cap (XZ3601), cut off excess tape

Step 7) Burnish tape lines  (I usually do this with a credit card or paint stir stick by gently swiping several times across the tape)

Step 9)  Paint over the tape lines with the basecoat paint color.  (This is the best tip of all and how professional painters keep from paint seeping under the tape)

Step 10)  Paint in color of choice

Step 11) Remove tape

Step 12) Embellish corners if desired

There you have it. A perfect harlequin pattern!

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