Thrift store finds christmas ornaments feature pic

You can always find discarded packs of Christmas Ornaments at garage sales and thrift stores.  It always makes me chuckle inside when I hear of people getting rid of their items to buy new because they want a fresh look.  The funniest part about that is they usually pick out something very similar to what they had…just in a different color or texture.

DIVA TIP:  Here is a good rule of thumb…”If you liked it once…you can learn to love it again” …just maybe for somewhere else or for a different purpose.

Now…I am not encouraging you to become a hoarder or make you hold on to things you don’t want. I know all of you professional organizers out there are having a hay day with my school of thought. By all means…if you don’t want it…get rid of it!  I will gladly snag up all of your discarded items and making something beautiful with them (or at least teach other people too)

Thrift store finds christmas ornaments feature pic 1


  • Ball Ornaments (I scored this 4-pack for $.80)
  • Jute or twine
  • Hot glue gun

Begin by gluing the top of the ornament in place.  Next, drop a small bead of glue on one end of the base and adhere the jute.  Every so often, add more glue and keep wrapping the twine until the ball is covered.

Thrift store finds christmas ornaments feature pic 2

And there you have it….Decorative Balls that you can place in a bowl, layer in an arrangement or throw at your husband (just checking to see if you are really paying attention. lol).

Thrift store finds brass candlestick silver leafing pic 5

Decorative Balls can range from $5.00-$20.00 a piece in your home decor stores.  These beauties were a whopping $.20 each…You do the math on that one! Plus it’s a great way to add style and texture to a space…now I’ve gotta jet to create more of these beauties!

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