Your empty wine bottles or beer bottles, don’t need to go straight to the trash or recycle. Our Diva of DIY, Leanne Lee shared some of her favorite empty wine bottle crafts using empty glass bottles.

Wine Bottle Crafts

Extra Tip: Add ½ Cup of Downy fabric softener to 2 Gallons of hot water to easily remove wine bottle labels. Let soak for an hour.

Wine bottle torch light

3/8” x 1/2” copper coupling
Teflon tape
Empty wine bottle, cleaned and labels removed
Replace wick for tiki torch (found mine at Lowes)
Tiki torch oil Funnel

Fill wine bottle with tiki torch oil. Wrap narrow end of coupling with Teflon tape until it fits snug in the mouth of the bottle. Thread wick through the wide end of the coupling. Let wick soak up tiki torch oil. Enjoy!

Decorative Glass Bud Vases

Wine Bottles in different heights, cleaned and labels removed (I used 2 wine bottles and one beer bottle)
Spray Paint
Rubber Bands

Spray wine bottles in desired color. Let dry overnight. Wrap rubber bands randomly around painted wine bottles. Spray wine bottles again in a different paint color. Let dry. Remove rubber bands. Enjoy!

Garden Markers

Wine bottles, cleaned and labels removed
White paint pen
Spray paint
Blue painter’s tape or frog tape
Strong stick or rebar to hold wine bottle

Tape off a design with painter’s tape. Spray paint wine bottle in desired color. Let dry. Remove tape. Paint a sentiment on wine bottle. I chose “welcome” but it could be whatever you like. I use these to mark my garden as well. Example: Basil, Oregano

Place stick in the dirt. Place mouth of the bottle over the stick. Enjoy!

Wine Bottle Dispensers

Wine or beer bottles, cleaned and labels removed
Bottle pourers (I got mine at Bed, Bath and Beyond)
White paint pen

Fill bottle with desired liquid. I use dish soap for one and olive oil for another. Place bottle pourer on top. Label or decorate bottle if desired. Enjoy!

Cutting Glass Bottles

Glass Cutter (I found mine at Michael’s craft store)
Wine or beer bottles, cleaned and labels removed

Follow instructions on glass cutter. I have a couple of tips.

1) Make sure glass cutter is set at a 90 degree angle

2) The thicker the glass bottle, the cleaner the cut

3) Make sure your hot water bath is boiling

4) Make sure your cold water bath is filled with ice

Wine Bottle Pendant Lights

Wine bottles, cleaned and labels removed (I would choose different sizes for more interest)
Light bulb socket with electrical wire attachment

Cut bottom of wine bottle per Glass Cutting instructions. Thread light bulb socket through bottle. Add light bulb. Enjoy!

Wine Bottle Votive Holder

Glass votive
Hanging Basket Replacement chain (separated in 3 pieces, length determined by size of bottle)
“O” rings
E-6000 adhesive
Wine bottle, cleaned and label removed
Tea light

Cut bottom of wine bottle per Glass Cutting instructions. Attach 3 “O” rings to lip of votive holder (evenly spaced). Secure with E-6000. Let dry. Attach chain to “O” rings. Thread other end of chain through wide end of bottle and out the mouth. Place tea light in votive holder. Enjoy!

Wine Bottle Lanterns

Wine bottle, cleaned and label removed
4” saucer or pillar candle stand

Cut bottom of wine bottle per Glass Cutting instructions. Place a votive on a 4” saucer or pillar candle stand. Place wine bottle over votive and rest of stand.

Which projects are you going to get started on?

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