A stylish ottoman can cost a small fortune but chic decorating doesn’t have to break the bank.  In this post, I will show you how to take an old tire and turn it into an ottoman in just a few simple steps.

Tire Ottoman

You will smile when your friends ask you where you bought this fabulous piece and only you can decide whether or not to tell them you bought it or…made it yourself for 1/6th the cost of those sold in the well-known stores.

Tire Ottoman Supply List:

Old Tire (rim removed)
Twine or Rope (I got mine at the hardware store)
Liquid Nail and Caulk Gun
Casters or Furniture Feet (if desired)
Upholstery Tacks (if desired)
Sheet of plywood (Large enough to cut to the size of the tire circumference twice…you will need one for the top and one for the bottom)
Polyurethane or comparable clear sealer


Tire Ottoman

Tire Ottoman Instructions:

1) Cut plywood to the circumference of the tire. You will need two…One for the top and one for the bottom

2) Screw the plywood to the top of tire. Repeat for bottom

Tire Ottoman
3) If attaching casters or furniture feet, go ahead and screw them into the bottom. Flip over

Tire Ottoman
4)  Starting in the top, middle of the plywood, start winding the rope in a circle gluing each section down with Liquid Nail.

Tire Ottoman
5) Keep winding and gluing the rope until you reach the bottom of the tire. Let dry
6) Seal entire ottoman with clear sealer. Let dry. Repeat.



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