A Donation for a Great Cause

I was recently asked by a friend if i could donate one of my refinished pieces for a charity auction. I was honored that he asked and of course I said yes!

I wanted to find the perfect piece that would raise as much money as i could for this organization that is so close to his heart.

I decided to search the Craigslist ads for furniture for sale by owner.




I found the perfect Duncan Phyfe 48″ round table for $25.00.

It’s hard to tell from this picture but the top was pretty damaged which was okay because i was planning to refinish it anyway. Other than that, it was in great shape. It was very sturdy and still had all 4 of the original brass feet on it.

I have decided to leave the legs in the original finish and only refinish the top. I like the idea of the antique legs paired with a more modern rust/patina top.


For this project, you will need:

A solid wood piece of furniture

180 grit sandpaper

220 grit sandpaper

600 grit sandpaper

PASO deglosser/cleaner

A couple of clean rags

Bullseye 123 Primer or other primer appropriate for wood

Modern Masters Metal Effects Iron Paint

Modern Masters Metal Effects Rust Activator

Modern Masters Masterclear sealer in Satin

Good Paint Brush

Foam Roller

Large Upholstery Tacks

Drill with small drill bit to drill a pilot hole for tacks


I aggressively sanded the top with 180 grit sandpaper to remove the crazed lacquer coat. I then followed up with a 220 grit to make sure it was smooth.

Clean well with PASO or another good deglosser/cleaner.

Wipe down with damp rag. Let dry. Now you are ready to apply your new finish.


Start by applying one solid coat of primer to table top and sides. Let dry


This is the rust kit i used from Modern Masters. Visit shop.modernmasters.com for local retailers in your area or to order online.


Apply one coat of iron paint. Let dry. Repeat.

Once completely dry, spray the rust activator over iron paint. Wait 5 minutes and spray again. Leave it overnight to work its magic.


This is what the table looked like the next day. Can you say amazing?

There is still another step to the process….Sealing the table.

I applied 1 coat of Modern Masters Masterclear in a Satin finish. Let dry. Lightly sanded with 600 grit sandpaper and applied one more coat of the Masterclear finish.


I marked where i wanted to place the upholstery tacks and drilled small pilot holes with a drill and drill bit.


I then hammered the upholstery tacks in place.


Here is the magnificent table refinished in a rust/patina with 2 coats of sealer and nailhead trim.


And here is a close-up…I think its stunning.

And hopefully everyone else will too and it raises a ton of money for SAVE, Inc.

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