After receiving hundreds of emails these past few months one thing is for sure, you all are excited and share my passion! I <3 seeing things come together that was made from nothing and so thrilled that you do too. I know a few of you have emailed me asking for a way that you can save the projects that I am doing. While I would love to implement a different system, that costs LOTS of money and until the site can generate that kind of money I can’t put forth the time or the effort to develop like that on my own. That is a HUGE task that I don’t know how to even start, so for now I have an idea.

How about a Projects to Complete Card?


So the idea is that you can jot down the projects that you would like to complete here at You can even use this to use as a honey do list! Whatever the case this is something that I can share with you. I actually have one hanging in my shop and in my truck. It helps to keep me sane and organized! Running Rekindled Spaces, sharing my love with others at Home Shows and trying to blog takes a lot to remember everything!

Go ahead and print off this Projects to Complete Card. It will print two of them on a 8×10 sheet of paper. Cut with scissors and have on hand whenever you visit Another idea is to place the card in a 4×6 picture frame and hang in your shop. You can use like a dry erase board and erase the projects as you go!

Ya’ll inspire me and I LOVE to see the work that you’ve created. Feel free to share with me on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook. And as always, be sure to follow Diva Of DIY on Pinterest and sign up for our FREE Newsletter to receive the latest projects delivered straight to your inbox!

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