Do you have those Mardi Gras beads laying around? If so here’s a great way to repurpose them, Faux Mosaic!

Faux Mosaic

It seemed when the boys were little we always had these mardi gras beads laying around. Well of course I had to come up with a way to reuse them and so I came up with this idea for a Faux Mosaic.

While I try to encourage my kids to be creative I’ve always wanted to do a mosaic with them as a family. All the sharp pieces of creating a real mosaic with three boys just always sent me over the edge! I knew there would be blood so I opted for this faux mosaic road 😉

Now as always, this is simply a idea that I am giving to you. You can take this faux mosaic kids craft as far as you want to take it. You can create the alphabet for a play room, a word for encouragement or name, a design or anything else you can think of!

faux mosaic suppliesSupplies

faux mosaic pic 1I had this old frame laying around that I picked up from a garage sale for $.50. When I see deals like this at a garage sale friends, I can’t pass it up. Eventually it’ll be used 😉

I taped off the glass because I couldn’t leave the frame that brown color. It had no life to it and I was getting ready to put in color so it needed a makeover itself!

faux mosaic pic 2

I then got busy and spray painted the frame.

faux mosaic pic 3

Once the frame was completely dried I put about 1 and a half bottles of Aleens Tacky Glue on the inside of the back of the frame.

faux mosaic pic 4

While the paint was drying on the frame I decided to make a design that I was going use. I decided on a bit of a mickey feel because it’s playful and everyone recognizes that little mouse!

One thing I like about using these beads is that if the length is to long all you have to do is cut it down to size! Then you can reuse if needed.

faux mosaic pic 5

This is what the finished piece ended up looking like. I put the glass back into place on the frame and decided to hang it up.

Faux mosaic feature pic

See how I displayed the faux mosaic? Inside of a drawer that’s used in my shop as a display showcase!

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