Do you have a basketball fan in your home? Are you having a party soon? If so, host a Basketball Theme Birthday Party or end-of-the-season party! It will be a ball! {sorry I had to!}. LOL

Basketball table decorations pic 11

My oldest son, Connor is 16 and plays high school basketball {where has the time gone!?!}.  His team, The Park Hill South Panthers, made it to the state championship game…against some pretty big odds.  The took second place at state and we, as a community, were so proud of all they accomplished.

As an end-of-the-season finale, the booster club sponsored a banquet an we, as parents, helped with the table decorations and I will tell you it was so much fun.


  • Pail
  • Basketball net
  • Great Stuff (or floral foam)
  • Skewers, Popsicle Sticks, etc.
  • Team Logo, Scrapbook Paper, etc.

Basketball table decorations pic 1

We started out with these black pails that I found at Hobby Lobby at $2.99 plus 1/2 off each for a total of $1.50 each.

Basketball table decorations pic 2

Then…I priced styrofoam for the center while I was there but…WAY TOO EXPENSIVE for the amount I needed.  So…what does the Diva of DIY do in a situation like this???  You guessed it…think of a less expensive solution.  I chose spray foam!  Why not?  It’s inexpensive and will harden in my bucket which is exactly what I needed.  So…I bought 4 cans of “Great Stuff” spray foam and filled each bucket about 1/3 full.  This stuff expands so don’t go crazy with it.  Let it harden overnight.

Diva Tip:  After the top surface hardens, take a dowel rod, pencil or something small to poke a few air holes in the top so that the center of the foam can dry all the way through.

Basketball table decorations pic 3

It looks a mess, but, this stuff is great! <—- HaHa…see what I did there?

Basketball table decorations pic 5

Okay once all of your foam is hard, you are ready to start decorating your buckets.  This is where you can really go to town!

Basketball table decorations pic 6

I ordered these inexpensive nets on  They were super inexpensive which is what I needed for this project.  I took a basketball net and placed it over the top of the pail.

Basketball table decorations pic 9

and then I draped it over the sides of the pail.

Basketball table decorations pic 10

A couple of mom’s printed out basketballs with each of the boys names and jersey numbers on them and then we laminated them so they would hold up.  We also printed out Panther paws.  This way …using tacky glue, we were able to sandwich a small dowel rod between the ball and the panther paw.

Basketball table decorations pic 11

Once we poked the the dowel rods into the foam, we added some crepe paper in their school colors to hide the foam.

Each player took home their name/number (along with some other goodies from the booster club) for the great season that they had. The best part is…we will have the buckets and the nets to use next year and then to pass on the the future teams at Park Hill South.

Basketball table decorations final pic

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