Before I reveal the ultimate gift guide for the person who loves upcycling, let me give you a little background on this phenomenon. Upcycling is taking something you currently have and making it better.  This improvement can be as a result of paint, upholstery or add-ons.

Do you know someone who loves to upcycle or paint furniture?  We have compiled the perfect gift guide for chalk painters to satisfy everyone on your list

Paint is my favorite way to breath new life into a piece.  If you have kept up with the painting trends, you have probably heard of a product called Chalk Paint.  Chalk-style paints can be used on furniture and other items to create a chalky appearance. It’s used for creating time-worn finishes because it can be layered and distressed easily. Search the phrase “what is chalk paint” and you will see thousands of options ranging from the original (and trademarked) Annie Sloan Chalk Paint® to homemade concoctions formulated to give a similar result.

Chalk paint is super easy to use because it sticks to just about anything with very little surface preparation.  This is just one of its attributes but this feature alone has given even the most paint-challenged the confidence to transform some of their lifeless pieces.

There are a couple of downsides to chalk paint:

  • They’re available in a limited number of pre-mixed colors
  • They are VERY expensive  (roughly $35.00/quart.  That is $140.00 for a gallon of paint!)

Many of you know that we launched our own Chalk Mix earlier this year.  Chalk Mix allows you to make your own chalk-style paint in any color using any latex paint.  This means you aren’t limited to the pre-selected colors AND the cost is about 1/8th the price!

I have added our Chalk Mix to the gift guide for chalk painters because seriously…I can’t imagine life as a furniture painter without it.

In addition to our Chalk Mix, I have added a list of items I use on a regular basis for upcycling.

Each item in this gift guide  includes affiliate links which will direct you back to the products I mention. If you choose to purchase them, I will receive a small commission but it does not cost you anymore to purchase it through the link. (If you have any other questions regarding affiliate links, please see my disclosure/privacy policy)

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I hope this gift guide for person who loves upcycling gives you some great ideas for the upcycler, repurposer, junker, furniture refinisher, furniture re-seller, DIYer  and decorator on your list (or for yourself). If you like this gift guide, then check out my other guides for: DIY Kids | The DIYer | The Dumpster Diver | The Crafter | The Fixer Upper |  The Painter

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