Do you want to know the secret to raising strong, self-sufficient adults? Start teaching them how to do things when their young. Instead of telling them “NO…you will get hurt”, let them help you.   A good friend of mine, Brittany Bailey of the blog “Pretty Handy Girl” once said “Don’t be afraid to teach your kids new things (with regard to using power tools and basic home improvement) because you are afraid they will get hurt. What if you didn’t teach them how to swim because you were afraid they would drowned”? That analogy is so profound and has stuck with me ever since. Get those DIY kids started early!

I put this gift guide together so we can all work toward raising children who will have the strength, confidence and basic knowledge to stand on their own as adults.

Do you have kids who love to craft and DIY?  This gift guide has all of the tools they want and need to get the perfect start on their DIY Kids projects!

I have divided the gift guide into categories to make it easy for you to read.  Each category includes affiliate links which will direct you back to the products I mention.  If you choose to purchase them, I will receive a small commission but it does not cost you anymore to purchase it through the link. (If you have any other questions regarding affiliate links, please see my disclosure/privacy policy)


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I hope this gift guide gives you some great ideas for the DIY kids in your life (or for yourself). If you like this gift guide, then check out my other gift guides for: The Fixer Upper | The DIYer | The Dumpster Diver | The Crafter | The Chalk Painter |  The Painter


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