Keep your kids entertained this summer with these Colorful Tree Spirals.  It’s the perfect summer craft for kids and even adults!  And, guess what?  This is a great upcycle craft project so instead of throwing those plastic bottles away, save them for this fun summer craft project and have fun creating together.

Summer Craft for Kids Colorful Tree Spirals Craft Project

I love these colorful tree spinners so much that I had to share them with you so that you could enjoy making them with your family.  They are super easy, inexpensive, and, because we are using recycled material…they are environmentally friendly.

One thing that I try to do as a contractor is add elements of surprise to spaces when I can. This plastic bottle craft is a great way to add color to a otherwise green back yard and is super fun for the kids. I’m willing to bet your little one will be proud for creating their own colorful tree spiral and show everyone who stops over!

wind spirals pic 1Yes, this is a 5 gallon bucket from Home Depot! I love it!

We always have a recycling bin full of empty water bottles so this project was a great way to utilize free materials to entertain the kids.

Alright let’s get started…this plastic bottle craft is super fun!!!

Summer Craft for Kids Colorful Tree Spirals Craft Project Supply List

Supplies Needed to Make this Summer Craft for Kids

  • Permanent Markers in assorted colors
  • Empty water bottles (Pure Life brand works great for this because they have very thin plastic)
  • Scissors
  • Baling wire or ribbon to hang your spiral art on tree limbs
  • Wire cutters for baling wire

Easy Directions for Making Colorful Tree Spirals

Summer Craft for Kids Colorful Tree Spirals Craft Project Empty Water Bottles

Begin by removing all of the labels from your bottles.  You will eventually remove the plastic lid and the seal-strip from the lid but I like to leave it until after I color the bottles…It gives the kids something to hold on too.

Summer Craft for Kids Colorful Tree Spirals Craft Project Colored Bottles

Using your permanent markers, start coloring the bottles however you like.  Do each of them different and please remember…there is no right or wrong way to do this. Get as creative and imaginative as you’d like. If you have children doing this craft with you don’t be jealous if their tree spiral looks better than yours….

You will be cutting these bottles up so don’t worry if your bottle doesn’t look perfect…it will when you’re finished. I promise!

Repeat this process until all of your bottles are decorated.

wind spirals pic 4

Next, take a pair of scissors and poke it into the bottom of the bottle.  Now, carefully cut the very bottom of the bottle off.

wind spirals pic 5

Now, starting at the bottom of the bottle, begin cutting around the bottle until you get all the way up to the spout.

wind spirals pic 6

Using your wire cutters, snip a 6″ section of your baling wire and wrap it around the mouth of the bottle.

wind spirals pic 7

Now…twist the wire once to hold in place and then wrap the end around a branch.

wind spirals finished pic 3

Hang as many as you like.  I am not going to lie…this summer craft for kids is so fun!  I may just have to increase my water intake just to make sure I have enough water bottles to feed my “spiral art” addiction. LOL

Colorful Tree Spirals The Perfect summer craft for kids!

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