Summer is in full swing and Kansas City’s Diva of DIY, Leanne Lee has the perfect project to help spark your kids creativity, bust up boredom, and help the environment all while being friendly on your pocketbook! This DIY Upcycled Invention Kid for Kids is perfect for all of those long breaks especially over summer and winter!

I made this Upcycle Invention Kit for the Maker Faire KC last month. I was amazed at the response I received from both the children and the parents so i decided to share it today on KSHB’s “Kansas City Live”.

upcycle invention kit3

I am not gonna lie…I had a blast doing this segment with Joel Nichols. He is a great guy!

upcycle invention on kc live

To make your own upcycled inventor’s box, start digging through your recycling bin for materials. Cereal boxes, egg cartons, toilet paper rolls, yogurt cups and packaging materials are some of my favorites. Once you have a nice selection of materials, put them into a box or crate so that they are ready to be used. I have my kit in an old suitcase so I can close it up and take it wherever I need it.

upcycle invention kit4

upcycle invention kit2

Here is a list of recyclables that make great upcycled projects:

Milk Jugs
Water Bottles
Toilet Paper Rolls
Paper Towel Tubes
Plastic Bottle Caps
Diaper Wipe Containers
Cereal Boxes
Baby Food Jars
Tissue Box
Oatmeal Box
Tin Cans
Wrapping Paper tubes
Egg Cartons
Milk Cartons
Glass Jars
Plastic Jars
Bubble Wrap
Cardboard Box
Yogurt Containers
Paper Bag
Plastic Bag
Tissue Paper

Other supplies needed:
Age-Appropriate scissors
Roll of scotch tape

upcycle invention kit6

Now to get the creative juices flowing, make some notecards with some invention ideas.

Here are some of my favorites:

A Robot
A vacuum cleaner
A Wind Chime
A Birdfeeder
A Train
A Kite
An Airplane or Hovercraft
A Bouquet of Flowers
A Rain Stick
A new zoo animal

Now it is time to build! Explain to your children that they can use anything from the building box to make their invention. Encourage them to use the materials creatively, and make sure they know that there is no right or wrong way of doing things.

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