Framed DIY Photo Words
The Diva of DIY, Leanne Lee, is at it again! Today The Diva of DIY is showing you how to create DIY Photo Words and turn them into a focal point on any wall in your home. Not to mention, these DIY Photo Words make for a beautiful personalized gift!

When you are creating your very own DIY Photo Words you can be as creative as you’d like. Some ideas of words that you can spell out would be a first name that could be hung in a office or nursery. You could spell out your last name and hang in the entry way to your home or above the front door. Another super cute gift would be to gift as a teacher gift with your child’s teacher(s) last name!


Photos of Letters to Spell Your Word
Photo Frame (prefer one that’s already separated and matted)

The hardest part of this DIY Photo Words project is finding the images you are going to use to spell out your word or name. While the internet is a great resource the images belong to the photographer. If you know the photographer ask for their written permission to use the image.

If you have a camera go on a walk around your town. The side of a city mailbox can be used as a letter A, two flags flying on a flag pole can create the letter F, a street light can make for a great R, a old fence can be used for the letter H….you get the idea right? Just be as creative as can be when it comes to the letters.

One thing that I like to try and do is make the words personalized if I am giving as a gift. So if the person I’m gifting the DIY Photo Words is a golfer I’ll use golf items to spell out the words. But, you don’t have to go that far if you chose not to, just an idea 😉


1. Lay the letters out to spell your word
2. Place in the frame and tape down to the matting to ensure the photos don’t move
3. Put the back of the picture frame on and secure

Now stand back and enjoy your creative masterpiece! If you are looking for an idea to give as a creative wedding gift or to the Grandparents who have everything considering creating a DIY Photo Words! Wrap in newspaper and you’ve got a super cute and personalized gift anyone would be happy to display in their home!

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