If your family will be getting family photos done a DIY family photo prop is a great addition to otherwise boring pictures. This DIY Photo Prop is easier than you think to create and you can also use it to decorate your home afterwards!

DIY Photo Prop

I love projects that pull double duty. That’s exactly what this DIY Family Photo Prop does. Not only did it allow me to spend time with the family creating it, but, it’s now on display in our home. I have even used it as a serving tray 😉

Alright so this DIY Photo Prop project was pretty darn easy. So let’s get started!

family photo prop supplies


family photo prop pic 1

I know a few of you have asked me where I find these smaller pallets at. Typically what I do is break down a larger pallet to make something like this.

I simply took 5 pieces from a pallet and used a circular saw to create the length that I am looking for. Then using my staple gun I attach the 5 boards with two boards the width from behind. If you look closely at the top of the pallet in this picture you can see a thin piece of wood at the top and the staples on the bottom.

family photo prop pic 2

The first step is to stain the entire pallet. I did one heavy coat and then using a towel rubbed off the access. It does dry pretty quickly!family photo prop pic 3


I then took a piece of cardboard from a shipment that had arrived…just in time! I cut out a circle and placed it over the top of the freshly stained pallet.

family photo prop pic 4

The next step was to grab a piece of chalk or a pencil and trace the circle. I tend to use a piece of chalk because with a simple cleaning it disappears! If you don’t have any chalk lying around you can use a pencil, but, try to do it lightly.family photo prop pic 5

Next, I pulled out the Chevron Shapetape and placed it on the pallet. I really do love this stuff! It makes my job a lot easier!

family photo prop pic 6

Using an exacto or box knife cut away the tape from the inside of the circle.  family photo prop pic 7

Next I used the Sherwin Williams Universal Khaki and a small roller to apply the paint. family photo prop pic 8

Once the paint was almost dry, I removed the shape tape at the opposite end I had applied it at. This ensures that the paint doesn’t come up with the tape. I then grabbed a small trim brush and trimmed in the circle.family photo prop pic 9

And then filled in the circle with the small roller.family photo prop pic 10I free handed the letter “L” for our last name in blue and trimmed the circle in to make it pop a bit.

family photo prop feature pic

I will say that I love this sign. It’s super cute and was a great way to change our family pictures up a bit!

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