Are the kids excited to give Mom a Mother’s Day present that she won’t forget? Grab some card stock and create a Coupon Booklet for Mom in minutes!

Mothers Day Coupon Box 4

What do all Mom’s want on Mother’s Day? I’ll tell you…. to sleep in, have breakfast in bed, not change any diapers, sip on a mimosa for breakfast and do whatever it is that makes Mom happy! We don’t need jewelry or cheesy cards, it’s the gifts from the heart and made from the hands of our children that will make the most impression and will be the gifts we remember for a lifetime. This Mother’s Day Coupon Box is a way to give Mom a gift all year round!

Mother's Day Coupon Box


  • Box
  • Buttons
  • Scrapbook paper (coordinating colors)
  • Scrapbook glue
  • Scrapbook ribbon
  • Cutter
  • Optional Perforation Tool

A Mother's Day Coupon Box

The first step is to paint your box for Mom. What’s her favorite color? Answer that question and that color will become your inspiration.

Mother's Day Coupon Box 2

Then cut out the background of your coupon book. You’ll want to measure the width of your box so that the width is 1/2″ shorter to fit. If you want to give a lot of coupons you will need to tape the back of two pieces of paper together.

Fold Mother's Day Coupon Booklet

The next step is to fold the paper in a according style, flipping back and forth when you create your crease.

Once you have folding your paper cut and glue coordinating scrapbook paper to the front of the cardstock. Then you are ready to write Mom’s coupons. Here’s a few ideas:

  • Breakfast in Bed
  • Clean Mom’s Car
  • Help with Dinner
  • Take out The Trash
  • Feed the Pets
  • Night Out
  • Laundry Duty for the Day

The options that you can give Mom is endless. Plus, this is a gift that can be used all year so think ahead!

Mothers Day Coupon Box 3

Here’s how my Mother’s Day Coupon turned out for my Mom! The next step is to place the cardstock into the box. You can place a ribbon as a “handle” and jazz up the front card to make Mom feel extra special!

Mother's Day Coupon Box Final

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