There are a lot of things to think about when choosing color schemes for your home. One of them is whether or not you want to go with a monochromatic (one-color) scheme or poly-chromatic (multiple-color) scheme. 

You may not know the answer to this yet, but..let me explain both.

monochromatic living room


photo credit: Ecoluxe Studios

A monochromatic scheme utilizes several different hues and tints from the same paint strip.  This is by far the easiest way to make sure your colors flow.  So…for example, if you were using one of the paint chips above, you may choose one of the medium hues for the walls, the lightest hue for the ceiling and a couple of the darker hues for accent walls and/or furniture pieces.


Very safe way to choose color
All of the colors share varying levels of the same tint so they will not clash
Very clean look


Can tend to be a little boring for some
If you are not careful, the entire house will look the same


Photo credit:  John David Edison Interior Design

Poly-chromatic schemes use colors from different paint strips –  aka different shades – of color.  The easiest way to mix different colors is to choose ones that occupy the same location on a paint strip.  For example, choose a blue, green and yellow that are the 3rd hue on their paint strip.


Adds interest and character to a room
Unlimited color combinations to choose from


Much more difficult to choose colors that work together
If overdone, the room can be overstimulating
Can tire of it easily
More difficult to redecorate

Is now a good time to tell you my preference?

I actually use a combination of both in my home.  Depending on the room, I’ll switch it up. My bedroom and guest bedroom have monochromatic color schemes.  I let the boys choose their colors for their rooms so needless to say…they are red, blue and a little yellow (Kansas Jayhawks, Baby!!!).  In my main living space, I chose a monochromatic scheme for the walls, trim, ceilings and furniture. Then I added punches of color in the accessories.  My point is that you don’t have to be stuck with just one scheme.  It may vary from room to room, or you may choose to break all of the rules. If you do choose to be a rule-breaker, that’s awesome! Just know that you may make some color mistakes along the way while choosing color schemes – and that is okay too.

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