25 festive tshirts for the family

I always look forward to Thanksgiving.  I love spending time with family, I love the food, and I love that it kick starts the holiday season.  I always get up early in the morning, make the dishes I always bring: homemade salsa and 7-layer salad and then get dressed in a festive outfit for a fun-filled day eating, socializing and scouring the ads for Black Friday deals.

25 T-shirt ideas to make your Thanksgiving festive! You have worked so hard on your Thanksgiving decorations and turkey, why not a festive family outfit!I always wear something festive to our holiday get-togethers.   As I was shopping for my outfit for this year, I saw so many cute t-shirts for every member of the family.  That’s when I got the idea to share 25 of my favorite picks for Thanksgiving Day!

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Having a new baby is so special and I know celebrating every “first” is photo-worthy so here are 3 newborn outfits perfect for celebrating that special day.

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Let the big brothers and big sisters so their pride with their own festive announcement t-shirt.

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Oh my gosh, I love these “mommy-to-be” t-shirts.  These are perfect for the expecting mother who wants to make a surprise announcement, who is newly pregnant and has been chomping at the bit to get in some maternity clothes or a woman 9 months pregnant who is about to burst!

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When I am shopping for my festive t-shirt for Thanksgiving, I am looking for a style/comfort combo.  All five of these shirts fit the bill.  Can you guess which one I chose?

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 Is your guy not so excited about wearing a festive tshirt?  Try one of these on for size…these are right up my husband’s alley.

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These are my picks for young girls and boys…they are so cute and with the exception of one, will hide some major gravy stains. lol

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and we can’t forget out 4-legged friends.  They will look adorable all decked out for the holidays.

If you like these festive t-shirt ideas, you can shop this post here:

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I hope you’ve enjoyed these festive t-shirt ideas.  I know this isn’t my normal post but it’s fun sometimes to mix it up.

25 T-shirt ideas to make your Thanksgiving festive! You have worked so hard on your Thanksgiving decorations and turkey, why not a festive family outfit!

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