I have a question for you. Are YOU on Hometalk? If not, it’s truly the place to be {well, besides here at DivaofDIY.com!} for all things home. I’ve been around Hometalk for awhile and just recently starting posting my own creations on the site to help inspire others turn their home into their Haven. It really doesn’t cost a lot of money to create a beautiful and stunning home that you are proud of. If you aren’t afraid of a little sweat, can be creative, use a few tools and make a mistake {it’s a learning tool!} along the way then you can create it on a very affordable budget.

Hometalk asked me to create a Board for Unique Wall Decor. Of course I said yes and knew that I wanted to feature my Mirror Made from Ceiling Fan Blades that was featured on the Holiday Impossible show of Restaurant Impossible. The crew had literally thrown away ceiling fans into the dumpster, true story! The designer told me to create a mirror so that we could reflect some more light into the room since it was so dark. There was NO budget left and so I accepted the challenge and do what I do best, create something out of nothing.

I am so glad that those dumpsters were clean and not much had been thrown away at the time! Some of my coolest projects have came from things I have found in the dumpsters and on the curb waiting to be picked up for the trash. I just can’t believe some of the things people throw away. Needless to say, I’m no longer surprised at the things that I have picked up for free along the years.

As folks begin to start spring cleaning {spring is coming, right?!?} you’ll begin to find more useful pieces along the curb and at your local thrift stores. This is the perfect time to begin searching for the pieces that you need to fill the space in your home or to help with storage and overall functionality.

So head on over to Hometalk and check out my Unique Wall Decor board. It’s filled with a few ideas that I think you’ll love and even want to implement in your own home.

Come back and let me know what Unique Wall Decor idea you’ll be creating by leaving a comment below.

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